Sunday, February 10, 2013

Video 2

A downloaded app for the iPhone has solved the variable frames per second problem!  This video is smoother but the focus isn't as good and I haven't synced the sound well.  I shall have another go using a gorillapod to hold the iPhone steady. (Again, thanks to for the sound effects).

 Making videos is a great excuse for putting off cutting out the quoins for the chapel (which I have learned is the architectural name for the stone blocks on the outside corner wall of a building).


  1. How big is your layout, Chas? I have to say your scenic work is stunning, and from the look of the video surely worth publishing. I haven't even got so much as a fleck of flock on my layout, let alone started ballasting...mind you, if I finalised the trackwork, I might get somewhere...

  2. Hi Lee. I've added a new post of the layout "plan". It's very simple. Hardly a point in sight!

  3. I wish I'd gone down that route, but I've got points and sidings all over the shop - still need to get hold of a couple more to link the high level incline line to the lower level main line.... (or should I not bother - aaaargh! I can't make my mind up!!!)


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