Monday, October 28, 2013

The Halt

Since finishing the parish church I have spent the last few weeks faffing about wondering what to build next. After only a brief few years modelling I am, I'm afraid, hooked and now when I have nothing to work on I feel at a loose end.  Perversely though, I couldn't find the motivation to make anything.  Very odd.

However, after seeing a few photos of the Cambrian Coast railway and recalling a couple of very pleasant trips along the coast, I purchased my first railway DVD, a driver's eye view of the section between Machynlleth and Barmouth.  I am concerned, by the way, that this is the start of a steep descent into the crepuscular world of rivet counting from which there is no return.  Anyway, every few seconds brought a captivating scene which I would have loved to try to model, so I am going to have a go at a short section of an imaginary line and have started on a station halt with a wooden platform.

I thought about Wills wooden planking for the platform but I find it just too thick to work, difficult to join seamlessly and, in any case, space means that the platform must be slightly curved.  Instead I have experimented with some cheap oak veneer.  We'll see what it looks like after sanding and painting.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Parish Church Diorama

"Diorama" is a bit of an exaggeration.  The vicar of the church on which this version is modelled asked to display it for a week.  Of course I was delighted she thought it good enough but decided I ought at least display it in some sort of setting.  So I have rather hurriedly modelled the lychgate and put together this diorama.

I have decided two things in the process.  First, because I am easily distracted, building a diorama gives me a fighting chance of finishing a project. Secondly, I am far from satisfied about the way I have been modelling trees, hedges and grass.  From now on I shall attempt to copy the techniques here

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