Saturday, February 2, 2013

The workshop

I couldn't have a blog without a few photos of the "workshop" which is a very grand title for something so pokey.  It's actually a tiny space over the garage and very untidy. 

Heater on, watch the trains, a bit of modelling and BBC Radio 4.  Bliss. Best of all is when one of the grandkids comes up to have a look and a play.  I hope this blog will remind them of happy times.

The fiddle yard. 

And the layout

Oh, and my wife has just reminded me that it's nearly 3 years since I started this.  When it's all finished in 3 or 4 years time, what next? I fancy modelling something industrial.  I need a huge shed in the garden.


  1. I've very much enjoyed looking at the photos of your layout. It makes me fervently hope that you keep on with this, as what you have achieved so far is really special. It's a little like Madder Valley in that the structures have so much character, (although the actual modelling is superior to Ahern)'s the sort of railway I would build myself if I had the time and inspiration.

  2. Well that's really kind Iain. I'm certainly enjoying it more and more. I think the most rewarding aspect is the challenge of learning, seeking to improve and making each effort just a little better than the last. Very absorbing.


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