Saturday, February 23, 2013

Realistic Water

This might be useful to anyone who, like me, is a relative newcomer to railway modelling.

I started this layout 3 years ago and this photograph shows my first attempt at scenic modelling.  It's supposed to be an estuary but you can see that it is simply a baseboard painted grey.

The photograph isn't great (and neither is the modelling - I think I could do better now with a bit more experience under my belt) but it's to illustrate a point.  I never got round to finishing it off.  I do that often - get bored with one thing and move to another. But every time I look at this part of the layout I feel a pang of guilt.  I must get round to the water.  But how?  That has troubled me and one of the better reasons I never completed the scene.

Then I came across this post in Iain Robinson's blog.  It has a photograph of Iain's Tetford canal scene. It is breathtaking.  Wonderfully evocative. I've read articles on how to create realistic water effects but this is the best I've seen.  I asked Iain the secret and he pointed me in the direction of the Allan Downes method which I googled and found on Chris Nevard's blog.

So there we are, that's how it done.  I hope that helps someone.  The question is, can I do it? 


  1. And the answer is: of course you can! I think the scene you have illustrated looks really good even without any attempt at water. It's going to look amazing with the full treatment!

  2. Absolutely. Your modelling skills are more than up to it. I will watch with interest as I'm now inspired to add a water feature to my layout.


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