Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Chapel Part 3

Further progress today on the chapel.  The carcass has been glued together (using Slater's Mek-Pak),

the windows painted (using white primer and Ford Red Burgundy, both from Halfords)


and the quoins added (or at least some of them).

The quoins are a little tedious to make.  After drawing out onto Plastikard, each quoin is scribed and then cut out in a strip. A "V" is scribed along the length of the reverse side to allow the plastic to be folded 90 degrees.


  1. I'm too late with this, I know, but Ratio make excellent plastic quoins...however, you have done a marvellous job of these and the chapel is a super build.

  2. That would have saved a sore forefinger from wielding the scalpel. It hurts to type now!

  3. You've done a marvelous job on those Quoins, Chas. I admire your tenacity. Looking forward to seeing progress.

  4. Thank you both! Comments from two master modellers are very much appreciated.

  5. Head swelling now.. I must be doing something right..


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