Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Old Farmhouse

The ruined farm house is made out of Plastikard (what else?) with DAS glued on and the stones separately scribed afterwards.

I saw an article last week (in BRM) where the modeller had built an entire stone warehouse using DAS and had scribed and painted each stone individually.  It looked incredible. I don't think I would have the patience but will maybe give it a go.


  1. This looks superb. I need to get some DAS clay to see if it does work better than the cheaper Hobbycraft version which I endured terrible cracking issues with. I take it you've seen CoulD've DAS models? Also check out Phil Parker's blog, there's a photo of a farmhouse by Dovedale models on there that looks superb.

  2. The Geoscenics air dry clay is good as it's reinforced with some kind of fibre. Good for large areas that is, not for fine detail because of the fibres. The chimney pots on the hotel have hair sprouting from them.

    I haven't seen either of those but will definitely look now. Thanks very much.

  3. my Phone autocorrected and it should have read "I take it you've seen Iain's DAS Models"

    also now on my computer the exact link is

    the same model is on the header of the guy who built it's website:


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