Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Chapel Part 4

I worry about the effect this modelling lark is having.  This morning I excitedly ripped open a parcel of plasticard and PETG glazing sheet.  Genuine excitement. I am 57 for goodness sake.

The parcel was from Station Road Baseboards. Impressive service - next day delivery.  I found them quite by accident Googling for clear plastic sheet to try out the new (to me anyhow) window frame technique I'd read about on Iain Robinnson's blog.

Anyhow, progress on the chapel.  Using plasticard sheet, fiddly bits of plastic strip and Milliput filler I have just about completed the window surrounds. A bit of filing and sanding down tomorrow once everything is properly dry. It's a reasonably pleasing overall effect but close inspection shows up unevenness of some of the surrounds.  I now have a neck and headache.


  1. You're not on your own...I love getting new materials! Good that you have found a trustworthy and fast supplier, too. The window surrounds and decorative stonework are all looking great.

  2. I know exactly what you mean... I'm a little bit younger than you guys, but feel exactly the same about modelling stuff. Due to a death in the family (I won't go into the extremely tenuous link, but suffice to say he wasn't a relative of mine, more an ex partner of.. oh well never mind..) my Dad managed to get hold of a load of ex layout stuff including rather a lot of kit built wagons and scenic stuff. I was like a kid in a toy shop (or more precisely a model shop) on Sunday, just going through the boxes... Apparently there's some scratch building stuff to come yet, which I can't wait to get at.
    To get back on track, Chas, that stonework and those window surrounds look top notch!

  3. Thanks for the encouraging comments chaps. Who'd have thought styrene sheets could be exciting? I am also waiting for some passing contact switches from Hattons to wire up the points of the fiddle yard (which I cannot reach without fear of falling down the hatch). How thrilling is that??


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