Sunday, February 3, 2013

Starting on the chapel

I made a start on the chapel yesterday.  It took a while to work out the measurements from half a dozen photographs by counting bricks. The side views are very restricted so I will have to imagine them.  The front is of red brick and very ornamental.  The side appears to be made of a much cheaper material.  It looks almost like rubble.

The frontage is mutli layered but I have neither the skills nor the patience to prepare a detailed set of technical drawings.  I just did an outline on paper and laid out the windows to make sure the front looked about right in plan view.  I'll make the rest up as I go along. 
The cheap drawing board was a good buy - it saves so much time marking out.  I marked out a piece of 30 thou plastikard on it. York Modelmaking supplied a set of templates for their windows which makes marking them out very easy. And then the cutting out, and building up the layers of the front. Cutting out the window arches was hard.  I must have got through four scalpel blades. Once the white card was cut out I glued on Slaters embossed plastikard and cut out the windows again from the rear.
The rear wall I'll cut out later when I work out how the roof fits - I have no idea at the moment since I can't see past the huge facade.  It might be Georgian style with a shallow pitch and flat on top.  Or there might be nothing at all behind the top 3 windows! 

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