Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Chapel Part 8

I have made a start on the bricks and stronework.  After reading an article in one of the railway modelling magazines on painting - dry brushing - bricks, I bought two Lifecolour Diorama paint sets, "Dust and Rust" and " Rail Weathering" containing some decent looking colours for brickwork, applied over a coat of desert sand (or something like that) for the mortar.  Where my cack handed  dry brushing was not dry enough I have had to go over the mortar with a very fine brush.  I also now realise I was too liberal with the solvent during assembly which has eroded some of the embossing.  Still, you live and learn.

The ornamental stonework is an undercoat of Vallejo Ivory, which was far too bright, followed by a light brushing of Sky Grey.  I am stuck though on the colour for the porch roof.  I don't know what it is made from. I'm guessing lead but please post if you have any suggestions.

I am going to leave any more weathering until the rest of the model is finished.  Once the side walls are painted, I can fit the windows.  Very exciting.


  1. It's looking really good Chas. The brickwork look superb! I might have to save up for some decent paints.

  2. You're very kind Lee. One thing I have in abundance is acrylic paint. I have far too much but enjoy trying out different brands (which is odd behaviour really). My favourite is the Citadel range because of the consistency and range of colours. The bizarre names are a problem though - Orchide, bleached bone and rotting flesh for example. A bit embarrassing if you have to ask a shop assistant for them.

  3. I echo Lee's sentiments, really sharp work. It's a fair bet that porch roof is lead...I'm guessing that copper wouldn't be used because you can't see it. Like you, I love acrylic paints and have bought the Warhammer paints in the past. Bleached bone is a favourite! I was wondering about these Lifecolour paints, I might try them now.

  4. Back in my youth, I used to paint a lot of citadel miniatures and always loved their range of paints - I had a set that lasted for years - I'm talking 10+.
    These days, having got back into railway modelling on a shoestring, I'm making do at the moment with leftover emulsion (for stone walls) and cheap artists acrylics from an art set I had when I was doing a spot of canvas painting. Frankly, they're OK for painting pictures, but rather poor for modelling purposes.

    I intend weathering all my track at some point, so will need some better paints. I'm impressed with the life color job you've done on the chapel

    By the way - could the porch roof be copper? I think it's most likely lead though, so a nice grey covering woud suffice?

  5. In addition, reading about your mortar refilling - a tip I picked up for mortar painting is to make a water mix of the colour with a slight drop of washing up liquid, and dab a loaded brush gently where you want the paint, and capilllary action forces the mix to run into the mortar courses. Of course, experimentation first may be in order...

  6. Thanks Iain. Lead it is then! The only paint I'm not keen on so far is Tamiya - I find them a bit thin.

    Lee, that sounds like a good tip to experiment with. I'll let you know!


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