Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Chapel Part 7

Feeling a bit aimless now that the ornamental stonework is finished (apart from sanding)!  It's been an such an absorbing activity that I will have to find the motivation to crack on and finish the model.  It's at this point of a project that I often go off and do something else and then feel guilty for neglecting it.  I WILL finish it.

And after a bit of sanding and a coat of Halford's primer, it begins to look more respectable.

I have to confess to being diverted a little just recently.  I have installed DCC. Hardly necessary on such a small and simple layout but huge fun. And look, all controlled by Hornby's Railmaster.  Brilliant. Who needs to model?


  1. I zoomed in for a larger image of the chapel in primer and I must say that it looks superb! Don't stop now Chas!

  2. Thank you Iain. You said in one of your blog posts that painting would make or break the model. I think it was with reference to your Clay Dries. I just hope I don't manage to bodge the thing now!!

  3. I saw this on my phone last night and totally missed the primer shot - it looks fabulous just like that. An absolutely fantastic and painstaking bit of modelling. I hope I can match the quality with the Station building.
    I'm a little scared by the DCC concept - I've wired up half my layout with a power bus, which is a bit overkill for analogue control, but hopefully will leave me little wiring to do when/if I eventually take the plunge for DCC (I think I'd need a huge cash injection as none of my locos are DCC ready and I'd want sound as well...)

    Back to the modelling - keep going, keep going!

  4. Thank you for the encouragement Lee. I hadn't realised how good DCC was at very slow speeds. I'm hooked I'm afraid.


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