Sunday, March 10, 2013

Realistic Water

Well, the Alan Downes realistic water technique works an absolute treat.  And very easy too.  One coat of PVA followed by a coat of clear gloss varnish over muddy brown paint and the effect is very pleasing.

There are a few air bubbles but I put those down to the fish (the water quality being very good in this area).  I plan to have more water on the other side of the layout where I shall endeavour to take more care in applying the PVA.  Or reduce the fish stock.

I can recommend going to see this technique applied to perfection on Iain Robinson's blog.


  1. The water is superb, Chas. You certainly took Allan's idea and perfected it. It really is convincing. I love the whole scene, the rust on the columns and the trestle behind. The way you have blended the river into the backscene is very effective, too, and the way the erosion works around the column, most realistic! (Thank you for the mention, too...*blushes*...I actually think yours is better!)

  2. Iain, you are too kind .... and too modest!

  3. Chas, brilliantly done - and the perfect persuasion for me to have a go... Mind you, I need to now set aside an area for a "Water feature".. I've already decided to rip up a passing siding to create room for a scenic cutting...

  4. Thanks Lee. Credit really to the imaginative guys who have all these innovative ideas in the first place.

    I'm trying to picture your layout. I think you mentioned in one post that it has a lower and higher level which are connected. I'd be interested to see a plan. Do you have one you could post?


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