Sunday, March 24, 2013

More things to do on a Snowy Day

Where will it all end?  More snow, but an opportunity to carry on with the improbable retaining wall.  I have had fun scribing the stonework.  Because the wall is so positioned that it cannot be scrutinised closely and will be fortuitously hidden from view by buildings, it is the ideal project on which to practice before tackling something more visible.  A few strategically placed plants will also help. The buttresses need to be scribed - a task for which I anticipate back ache since it means a stretch across the baseboard.  Capstones for the buttresses should be fairly straightforward but I am not so sure about those for the top of the wall.  More DAS seems the obvious choice.

(Who is that drunken woman on the station platform?)  Now, where did I park the car....?


  1. The retaining wall looks very good, but I don't envy you having to stretch over the board like that. I think the castle, with the house to the right is highly reminiscent of's lovely. I see that, re the drunken lady...Jaegermeister is obviously on sale in West Quay...and judging by the overturned barrow, there has been some anti-social behaviour!

  2. I'm sure the pubs used to be shut in Harlech on Sundays in the 1960's so I can't think where she got it!

  3. Some anti-social behaviour? Looking at the lamposts strewn around it seems that there's been a full scale riot!

    Seriously though, its coming together rather nicely. I do like the row of houses next to the castle.

  4. The wall scribing looks very good - I do kind of think it should be done prior to affixing the walls to the layout, but you seem to be making great progress. My tip for capstones is - yes, you guessed it, FOAMEX!, but a bit of DAS should do it.

    I still maintain that station building looks brilliant.

    As for the car, I think you trump me on that - I looked out of my window yesterday morning and saw a similar sight, but at least I could see the wheels - although the roof, sides and bonnet were covered in 10 inches of snow. I had to shovel it all off the driveway this morning in anticipation of tomorrow's commute. My back's killing me.

  5. Thank you chaps.

    A riot. Now there's a thought. Railway modelling magazines are always going on about the importance of cameos!

    OK Lee, I am definitely going to buy some Foamex at the next opportunity!!


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