Friday, March 22, 2013

A snowy day

I can't say I was disappointed to wake this morning to a thick carpet of snow prohibiting yet another trip to London. A day spent pottering about the railway layout instead and finishing off a couple of things.

Progress on the chapel has stalled.  The roof structure is done but the postie just can't get through with the slates ordered from York Modelmaking.  You'd think Royal Mail would make more effort.  Don't they know how important this is?

However, I have been promising to finish off the garage building for some time.  It only needed "Foundry Garage" and "Flare Petrol" signs and here they are.

I've been thinking about where to place the chapel and garage on the layout (how's that for planning?) and I think I've settled on ....... here;

The problem is of course that I see something I'd love to have a go at modelling and it has to go somewhere, no matter how improbable.  

And talking of improbable, I need to build an improbable retaining wall.  Having seen the magnificent scribed stone effects achieved by Iain Robinson and lnr models it's an excuse to have a go.  The formers for the wall are made from 3mm ply covered with air dry clay.  Slow drying air dry clay! Impatient to get started.  Looking again at the area to be scribed, it's a bit daunting but I'm interested to see how it'll work out.  If there is no follow up post, it's all gone in the bin.


  1. I love that garage! Thanks for the extra large photo, too. It's good to see it close up. I think the chapel looks absolutely right there in the street...and provides a nice counterpoint to the station. It's good to have a difference in heights too, and it builds up towards the higher ground. Top work!
    I hope your postie manages through tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Iain. Can't see the postie getting through tomorrow though - 10" of snow and no sign of it stopping!

  3. Snow is good for many things :-)

    I really like the worn industrial look of the garage building. There's a lot of atmosphere in your buildings which makes them come alive, I think.

  4. Thanks for that Mikkel. 19 inches this morning and still snowing. Another excuse for a modelling day then!

  5. I agree - that Garage really does look superb - a really great grimy atmosphere. My car is buried under snow - I think I might have to bite the bullet tomorrow and dig it out for Monday - it really does look spectacular though. I let my dog out this morning and he was in it up to his chest - He had no idea what was happening. It's actually, finally stopped - I've no known sustained snowfall like that for a long time

  6. Good morning Lee and thank you. Yes, the last time I remember snowfall like this was in the mid 60's. And the schools stayed open. Good luck with digging out the car!


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