Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Old Tyre Depot

There is a very dilapidated building nearby which I often pass and admire.  It's an old tyre depot and with the recent heavy snowfall the roof has taken another battering.  After reading about the fun Iain Robinson had with his splendid Old Boiler House project I was inspired to have a go. I also needed something to fill a space on the layout, behind the foundry garage.

This next photo is a good illustration of just how fascinating this building is.  I'm going to need advice on how to achieve the effect of moss growing between the brickwork!!

I don't have room for the whole thing so the model will be an edited highlights version.

I have had a slight hiccup.  I bought some embossed styrene sheet which was supposed to be OO gauge brick work (top) but compared with the good old Slaters version (bottom) is well overscale.  I'll stick to what I know from now on.


  1. you don't hang about when it comes to building do you? It's looking good sir. How about a building compromise and paint it in dirty stone colours?

  2. What a fascinating structure, I would want to model this if I passed by it often enough! The trick will be the finish, getting that delicacy of touch with the paint. You have already done a super job on the construction...this is going to be fun!

    I really fancy those doors! Can't wait to see what you get up to with this.

  3. Thanks chaps. I've updated the post with a close up, but how to achieve the effect of moss growing between the bricks? Advice gratefully received!

  4. Having never actually done anything with scenics before (this is my first real foray into scratch building) I'd paint some pva with a thin brush onto the mortar courses then throw some finely shredded clump foliage at it...

  5. Yes. Good. That sounds like a plan. I'll try it on some scrap first just in case I am too ham fisted.

  6. Yes, I would go with Lee's excellent suggestion. I was in Bangor yesterday, looking up at some of the old Edwardian shop frontages...above the ghastly chain store facades were some beautiful bricks and window surrounds....but the mortar was black, dark grey at best. Only where there had been a repair was it light coloured. I noticed that in this pic of yours, too. The moss will be a lovely touch.


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