Monday, April 8, 2013

Old Tyre Depot Roof

Having had two energetic grandchildren for a sleepover last night, it was pleasant to relax this afternoon continuing with old tyre depot.  I have made progress on the roof structure, painted the inside walls and primed the outers.

I think, though, I've been a bit hasty in assembling the roof since it now occurs to me that somehow I've got to paint it and it may have been easier to paint the joists before assembly.  I'll just have to find a brush that paints round corners.


  1. Ah the old hastiness bug strikes. I'm always guilty of that, but you're doing a top notch job there, Chas. That interior looks absolutely fantastic. Beautifully and convincingly grunged up. The unpainted joists are first rate too. A splendid build so far, my friend - you're putting me to shame (I haven't bothered with an interior, and after installing the last of the upstairs windows on the main building, I've now glued the roof on, held firm with many elastic bands...)

  2. Thanks Lee. I never usually bother with interiors (the laziness bug of the same genus as the hastiness one!!) but this time part of the roof will be missing so I can't get away with it. I suppose if a model was going to be close enough to peer into it would be worth the effort.

    I hope you'll be adding a photo of the station building post-windows to your blog soon.

  3. I hope nobody peers too closely at my Station Building - I've modelled a couple of the sash windows open... Yes, I'll post another blog entry soon, but I think it would be better waiting until all the doors and windows are in. I still haven't decided on the method of roofing having been put off using the Slater's slates due to overscale depth (you'd think I was modelling in P4!!)

  4. I like this very much. Yes, the impatience bug- ask my partner, she always looks over my shoulder and says "wouldn't you have been better waiting and painting that bit first..." to which I have no defence really, except that I just couldn't possibly wait! This is looking like a lovely job, full of character, Chas.

  5. Thanks Iain. The thing is, I want to be getting on with the corrugated roof and not the interior. Lazy!


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