Sunday, April 14, 2013

Roofing Fun and Appeal for Help.

I have had a thoroughly good time on and off over the past few days making progress on the Old Tyre Depot, particularly playing with the roof structure.  Who'd have thought a few pence worth of plastic could provide so much fun?

However, I'm afraid work will be getting in the way of more important things over the next few days so the roof is going to have to be neglected.for a while.  I'm looking forward to painting it though.

In the meantime, I have a bad case of what can only be described as modeller's block.  There is a space on the layout, behind the chapel (on the other side of the tracks) and to the left of the castle, which is crying out for something.  But I don't know what.  It's sort of triangular - 300mm across the base (adjacent to the castle) and 500mm to the apex (adjacent to the tracks).  What should fill it?  Here are three photos to put the space in context.

I thought about a park with a bandstand (improbably near the noise of trains but that wouldn't matter - it's only pretend and no one would actually have to play there) or perhaps a row of low relief cottages with their back gardens but neither idea is really compelling at the moment.  If anyone has an inspiration or suggestion, I should be delighted to hear! 


  1. To fill the gap how about some closely packed small ancient shops, all with low roofs and seperated by a tight cobbled alleyway?

  2. Perhaps a small fishing lake with gorse bushes and trees in the surroundings or a few allotments?

  3. The tyre depot is looking great - can't wait to see how you get on with painting it.

    If this was my model railway, I would probably put an array of town buildings beside the castle. only the ones nearest the rails need be detailed in any significant way, the rest can simply be roofs. A scene like the rear of John Ahern's "Madder Valley" town comes to mind. Of course, it would still be a lot of work, probably too much. I suppose I am thinking of Harlech again... where the town comes up to the castle.
    I think a park and band stand would be an anti-climax...but it's your layout, not mine! (although I wish it was my layout...)

  4. Thank you all for the suggestions. Brilliant - plenty to think about when working away this week. I'll spend the evenings plotting. I'm torn between buildings and allotments. Three people have mentioned allotments now Greg, and you're right Iain, I've gone off the bandstand. The old quarter sounds good, Paul.

  5. Looking outstanding Chas, really great bit of modelling and that tree growing out of the interior is an excellent touch.

  6. Thanks Lee but isn't it irritating how work gets in the way? I hope your station building is progressing.

  7. Hi Chas, I've progressed a little with it, but I'm slowly getting snowed under with work, so it may take a while to get on to the roof!

  8. Why not have a walled garden with formal plots growing vegatables and flowers for the "Big House" or the castle. Take a look at the Helmsley Walled Garden (now brought back from deriliction), which is right next door to Helmsley castle, a few miles NNE of York. Well worth a visit as a place to get ideas on your way to the North York Moors railway at Pickering.


    1. Thank you Peter. That sounds like an excellent itinerary for a long weekend break. I hadn't realised the line ran all the way to Whitby until I looked it up just now.


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