Saturday, November 16, 2013

St John's Church Lychgate

I forgot to post this close up of the hurriedly made Lychgate for the parish church diorama, set in the unfinished wall.  I have a love/hate relationship with fiddly jobs.  I love modelling detail but hate it when a bit of microstrip would rather stick to my fingers or the tweezers than to another piece of styrene.  What on earth is that about?

On closer inspection of the "timber" I can see that the surfaces are far too smooth and need to look more distressed.  Another lesson learned.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about bits sticking to your fingers, or whatever they shouldn't stick to. Or then they fly off onto the floor, never to be seen again. Anyway, the lych-gate is really fine, a lovely model.

  2. Chas.
    I would leave your wood as it is. People over do wood horribly and then completely spoil it with dry-brushing on top. Don't do it, please!! I use steamed pear for all my wood, because in these scales you would barely see any grain and pear has none, works like soft brass, engraves and files with metalworking tools and takes any finish. Your lych gate looks absolutely fine.
    Micro strip? Aaargh! Have a scroll back down my blog:- Have a look at the Invicta S type master. There are over a hundred separate bits of 20 thou. rod Solvent Welded on those side valances. Then each is filed to look more louvre like! Has to be done for such a fine car. You don't want to know what a foul mood that left me in! BTW, while I'm in my Winter scenic mood, your beautiful church has got me thinking I should model the 12th C church we were married in. All your fault

  3. Thanks very much, Iain. Life would be dull without such petty frustrations, although more enjoyable.

  4. Thanks very much, Martin. Your blog is a fascinating read! I'm very pleased to have found it.

  5. Gorgeous work Chas. I'm very jealous. That Lych Gate looks wonderful. I'm currently modelling some wooden lintels for my Goods Shed and making them out of coffee stirrers - it's very satisfying work


  6. Thanks very much, Lee and I'm pleased to hear you're finding time to do some more building! Coffee stirrers - now there's a good idea. The grain must be just right. Looking forward to seeing the results. Cheers. Chas


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