Friday, December 6, 2013

Westbay Hotel

The diorama, Westbay, of which the halt forms part is based on Penhelyg on the Cambrian Coast line.  The line there  runs at the back of the rooftops of a row of houses but I'm aiming for a more seaside feel and decided a harbour side hotel was needed.  So this is the Westbay Hotel, unless it looks wrong, in which case it will be cast aside as something else.

I have learned the hard way that styrene walls, to which DAS has been applied with PVA, warp alarmingly without bracing and even then that it doesn't mater how much bracing I use, the styrene will still find a way to warp in some unpredictable way.  I have also learned that DAS is forgiving and will happily bend back into shape without cracking provided the warping is not too bad.  Wonderful stuff.

For the first time I have used, mostly, windows from Truetexture which are quite expensive but very good. Worth it.

Lots still to do, which suits me just fine.  This is another model I don't want to finish.  Blogging about it puts off that day!


  1. Very nice Chas, the stonework and detail around the door and above it looks fantastic, the colouring is also spot on and so typical of seaside towns.

  2. That's a real beauty, Chas. I was wondering where you'd got to.
    Well worth the wait.


  3. Thanks Geoff. Much appreciated. The lack of natural light at the moment makes applying detail and colour tricky. Especially colour. I struggle with that at the best of times. I keep thinking I must improve my workplace lighting.

  4. This looks great, Chas. Very crisp model making with totally convincing textures...and I am glad that you didn't get fazed by the warping, like you, I find that if it does crack, a quick fillet of Das will sort the issue. Those windows are the piece de resistance, by the way!

  5. Thanks very much Iain. Yes, I'm very impressed with the Truetexture windows. Hopefully the range of sizes and styles will increase over time.

  6. Thank you Martin. There is a very small section of brick chimney stack made of embossed plastikard and sanded as you suggested!

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