Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Old Workshop

In between moving to the new work area (which is bathed in natural light and much more pleasant) I have been tinkering with the Old Workshop I started a few weeks ago.

I still need to join the two buildings with a corrugated roofed shelter, build a staircase and tile the roofs but have started painting.  I noticed some helpful tips on Lee's excellent blog on the use of talc or weathering powders after painting to blend the colours together.  It's not something I've tried before but it does give a much better effect (and the talc smells great).  I fear I may have overdone the dirty windows but a bit of a clean will fix that. 


  1. This was already a fascinating model, but it gets even better. I love your weathering and wall texture effects and the new addition is just right, especially the colour of the bricks. The models you make have an air of rightness about them and I think it's because you look carefully at the real thing and are steeped in a well of knowledge gained by years of beady-eyeing the prototype. Oh, and you are a top notch structure modeller as well...that helps!

  2. Thank you as ever Iain for your kind comments and encouragement.

  3. I have used masses of talc for modelling since reading Iain Rice suggesting it in his Wills book from Wild Swan. It works a treat on all surfaces, toning down colours and unifying them. Smells nicer than paint too!

    1. It's a very clever and very simple idea. I'm definitely sold.


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